DJ Jamie Drummond – Voltage, Edinburgh

  **COMPRESSION Resident / CONNECT Resident**


In times where parents give children DJ-courses for their birthdays and the ability to create remixes and mash-ups have become an Olympic sport, it is nice to see an artist that sets a new standard…

A Scottish based DJ, JAMIE DRUMMOND has fast earned his reputation as one of the most exciting talents to explode onto the scene; the rate of his ascent has been nothing short of staggering. Armed with an uncompromising style that was solely designed for dance floor destruction, Jamie continues to win new legions of fans with every gig he plays. It’s fast… it’s uplifting… it’s spine tingling peak time music that demands the biggest reactions from the best crowds in the biggest arenas.

Jamie’s diverse music selection and solid deliveries to the dancefloor alongside his unrelenting commitment to pushing the limits of DJ’ing has already seen him play alongside several of EDM’s biggest names; such as SIMON PATTERSON, JOHN ASKEW, ALEX KIDD, THE ORGAN DONORS & INDECENT NOISE and at events such as Tiesto: In Search of Sunrise Tour, Fantasylands 2008, Boombox and Nuklear Puppy to name but a few!

Turning heads throughout the industry more recently, Jamie has secured residencies at Scotland’s massive club nights COMPRESSION & CONNECT and continues to impress the crowd at some of the most prestigious venues in Scotland, dispensing musical epiphanies wherever he plays.

A humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields, Jamie has also begun producing his own music. Not content with just DJ’ing, he has already had releases on legendary trance labels – SPINNIN & DISCOVER RECORDS and has had TOP TEN HITS on both TID & Beatport – most recently with the massive MENTAL ASYLUM RECORDS!

Armed with a steadfast work ethic, an extensive mp3 library and the willingness to pursue the full extents of his roots, foundation and future with no restraints , Jamie will continue to reverberate his presence throughout the UK’s EDM scene.

Consistently wowing crowds with his technically brilliant, distinctly unique mixing style, and energy behind the decks; his sets are always fresh, original, well thought about, combining a surplus of trance tracks, yet to be released MP3’s, white labels, club classics and acapellas and 3 deck mixing.

The epitome of what DJ’ing is about- passion, amazing tunes and a pair of hands capable of the most agile mixing – JAMIE DRUMMOND IS DEFINITELY ONE TO WATCH!



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